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Toddler’s Cocoon preschool provides an early learning program which aims to create a child-focused environment . We provide a safe learning environment with a welcoming atmosphere. We will strive to develop and uphold best practice in the provision of early childhood education . We believe that best practice relies on maintaining a professional attitude and approach at all times.


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Toddler's Cocoon

A great place to learn, explore and have fun.

    • Activity based learning
    • Story time
    • Library time
    • Puppetry
    • Arts and crafts
    • Painting
    • Sandplay
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Babio provides various types of services, games, creative learning that bings different thoughts to the mind of a child.

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Babio teaches new lessons at every sessions so that the mind of a child get broader and his thinking gets sharper and he can be a good human in future.

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