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Toddler’s Cocoon is one of the top rated preschool in Chennai provides an early learning program which aims to create a child-focused environment . Toddler's Cocoon provide a safe learning environment with a beautiful atmosphere. We will strive to develop and uphold best practice in the provision of early childhood education . We believe that best practice relies on maintaining a professional attitude and approach at all times.

We are committed to providing a most memorable childhood for your child. Best preschool in Chennai which provides him / her with a foundation for making their dreams come true. We have a talented and creative faculty, which is highly able to teach and guide children through their first school experience. We are a school that never sets a limit on creativity in terms of our curriculum, never compromise on quality, and do not hesitate to go all the way when it comes to fulfilling our goal of providing your children with a healthy, nurturing and productive learning environment.

Toddler's Cocoon

Why Toddler's Cocoon

  • Infrastructure
  • Qualified Teachers
  • Our curriculum
“Results define hard work” and we base our work on this so that your child gets the better result and get used to bring better results forever. Our goal is to prepare them for the future to come and make them eligible for any hardship that comes in their way.
    • Air conditioned class rooms
    • CCTV monitoring around the clock
    • Child friendly space
    • Safe indoor and outdoor play area
    • Trained and certified teachers
    • Graduates and post graduates
    • Passionate and caring towards children
If you are looking for someone to teach your kid, groom your kid properly for the future that awaits her, Toddler's Cocoon is the exact right place for you where we will teach them for grooming their brighter future and they study with peace and calmness in their mind.
    • World class curriculum powered by Flintoclass
    • Play based learning with 60 activities per month
    • Child centric approach that fosters independent thinking
    • Curriculum that leads to holistic development of the child.
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